Stem Cell Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

CaverStem®️ Uses Your Own Stem Cells to Treat Erectile Dysfunction. This Procedure Is 100% Natural.

CaverStem®️, brought to you by Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc., is a stem cell therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) using the patient’s own stem cells to repair damaged penile tissue. Today, 9 million men in the US who suffer from ED receive no benefit from Viagra or Cialis. The cause is damaged smooth muscle tissue and surrounding blood vessels in the penis caused by disease or injury. Our proprietary, outpatient procedure uses stem cells harvested from a patient’s own bone marrow to regenerate damaged tissue.

The CaverStem®️ procedure is the ONLY patented and science-based procedure available. With clinical trials proving the procedure is safe and effective, a published pilot study and over 35 pre-clinical studies, CaverStem®️ is the first and only procedure backed by research science.

During the CaverStem®️ Procedure we use stem cells, your body’s own natural reparative factors to harness the healing resources of the body to repair injured tissues. Stem cells secrete growth factors and send signals which boost the natural healing process in the body. Stem cells not only secrete growth factors and other intercellular signals to command and coordinate the repair process, they can also replace and regenerate tissues by themselves directly.

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